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Comprehensive curriculum designed and taught by Ontario Certified teachers. Designed to be engaging, interactive, and support student success.


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MSA eLearning Program

MSA’s eLearning program is a great option for those who are interested in completing or upgrading their high school courses online. With our eLearning program, students can complete online courses at their own pace while developing self-regulation and tech literacy skills. Students will be given access to the entirety of the online course upon registration and can complete the course on their own schedule. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn a course credit that contributes to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Students can start an eLearning course at any time and have 365 days to complete the course!

Course Details

Each eLearning course includes 110+ hours of lessons, activities, and assessments. Each course is structured into Units and modules/lessons. Each module/lesson outlines the learning goals, expectations, and approximate time commitment. Modules/lessons include a combination of video lessons, readings, assignments, and activities. All the video lessons are designed and taught by MSA teachers and include text and images designed to be engaging, interactive, and easy-to-follow. Throughout the course students will engage with peers through online discussion forums and receive individual teacher feedback.


eLearning Course Options


Grade 12 English (University) This course emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyze a range of challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures; interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts; and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on using academic language coherently and confidently, selecting the reading strategies best suited to particular texts and particular purposes for reading, and developing greater control in writing. The course is intended to prepare students for university, college, or the workplace. (The Ontario Curriculum, English Grades 11 and 12, 2007)


Grade 12 Families in Canada (University)  This course enables students will draw on sociological, anthropological and psychological theories and research to examine factors affecting families and assess policies and practices intended to support Canadian families.

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